Professional Design Associates offers our clients a unique opportunity, an architecture office that can truly cater to your needs.  We have worked on private and public projects of all sizes since 1979.   Our professionals have decades of experience in multiple trades offering one-stop design service for architectural projects, including civil, structural, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical design.

-one point of contact
Unlike other architecture firms that hire consultants to assist with project design, we offer one point of contact and accountability for our clients.  A staff member with complete knowledge of the demands of your project addresses your questions directly and ensures that you receive smooth and timely service. 

-complete design
Architecture is a fluid process that involves a communication of ideas between clients and designers and its interpretation into built form.  With our extensive knowledge of the associated trades we can ensure that your project is addressed cohesively and completely. 

-save you time and money
By being the single source for design we save our clients the time and money that is lost with traditional coordination between engineers, designers, consultants, and clients.  Design is faster and more complete; and costly mistakes and oversights can be avoided.